Since setting up the web-site in 2002, the main aim was to try and create an historical archive of Misty for others to enjoy and to create a comprehensive record of one of the great British comics, as well as to try and expand on the Misty universe by introducing new stories. The latter was achieved in October 2006 when the first issue of the 2006 Halloween Special was launched.

Featuring contributions from many fans of old as well as up and coming artists and writers, the idea of the Special started to take shape late in 2003 when an appeal was placed on many message boards asking for help in bringing back Misty to life in print. It was surprising to find out how many people missed the publication and felt that it was axed way ahead of its time and therefore wanted to help bring it to a new generation and in some cases influence a new audience as it had done them. It was also a stroke of good luck that we managed to track down one of the original artists - John Armstrong - who along with many of the single stories, produced the artwork for “Moonchild” and “The Silver Racer-Back”. John agreed to an interview - which will appear in full in the second special - in which he discusses how he came to draw for comics; how he got around the lack of acknowledgments on his finished work and which famous film star inspired the look of his characters as well as visuals from his earlier works. He was also happy to produce new artwork, out of which the front cover and the Super Misty Poster was created as well as the FREE “Moonchild” poster which is the first ever FULL COLOUR visual image produced of “Moonchild” and was painted exclusively for

Since launching in time for Halloween 2006, the Special has attracted interest from many sources; The Judge Dredd Megazine, BBC TV’s “Blue Peter” magazine programme for children and it was also voted Fanzine of the Month in SFX magazines’ Christmas 2006 issue.

If you haven’t checked it out already, an in depth look at its content and its contributors can be found by clicking either content or contributors where you also have an option to purchase the Special for only £5.99 (including postage) for UK addresses or £9.99 (including postage) Worldwide.

Those of you without a Pay Pal account can email for other payment options.

It’s already been said many times already, but a HUGE thank-you to all who contributed. Without you all the Special would not have been possible.

A second special is now in preparation, with as previously mentioned, an exclusive John Armstrong interview as well as an exclusive FREE FULL COLOUR poster produced of John’s most famous character “Bella” from “Tammy”.

If that wasn’t enough, we also have a chilling tale of what happens when a young girl inherits a priceless collection of a certain publication (hint! hint!), created by SMS & Eira. But we still need more.

Already we have received many contributions for forthcoming Specials (thank-you all of you who have already sent in submissions), most of which are either stories or articles, but we desperately need artists to bring these stories to life. If you would like to contribute and be part of the Misty experience please email for details.


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